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Consumer, Commercial Turf Equipment, Golf Cars, & Utility Vehicles.
We understand that the wear on your turf is as important as the wear on your tire.
These broad-shouldered designs provide excellent traction on turf and gras
s with minimal lawn wear.
Note: All Turf Handlers are Non-Highway Service Tires
Turf Saver / Multi Trac / Turf Master / Ultra Trac / Turf Chief / Turf CTR / Turf Trac R/S / Turf Saver ll / Turf Mate

Utility Carts, Wheelbarrows, Pressure Washers, Generators, Hand Trucks, Lawn Equipment, & Fun-Karts
The specially designed tread patterns, with two-way traction, perform well on drive and free wheels.
Note: All Gripping Performers are Non-Highway Service Tires
Stud / Sawtooth / Kart Slick

Wheelbarrows, Transport Vehicles, Riding Mowers, Garden Tractors, & Farming Equipment
Our ribbed and smooth tires make optimum contact with various work surfaces for easyflowing traction and a smooth roll.
They also work smoothly as wide-flotation tires for on-site transportation.
Note: All Smooth Operators are Non-Highway Service Tires
Smooth / Wheelbarrow / Multi-Rib / Straight Rib /

Golf Cars & Utility Vehicles
Our line of tubeless golf and utility tires carry their loads without wear and tear on the fairway and ride smoothly on paved paths. They also work well as a wide-flotation tire for on-site transport on heavy duty jobs.
Tour Max / Turf Glide / Links / Links 1 / Fairway / Fairway Pro /

Riding Mowers, Garden Tractors, Snowthrowers, Tillers, ATVs & Utility Vehicles
These All-Americans, with their bar tread design put power to the ground for equipment that demands pure traction in snow, hard and loose soil.
Note: All Big Biters are Non-Highway Service Tires
Super Lug / Power Trac / Power Trac ll / Tru Power / AT 101 Chevron / Chevron / Fast Trax / Snow Hog / X Trac

Utility & Recreational ATVs, Dune Buggies & Fun-Karts
Our rugged ATV tires are designed with durable rubber compounds and strong nylon cord construction, offering the ultimate in cut and impact resistance. Special tread patterns perform well for a variety of terrains.
Note: All ATV Tires are Non-Highway Service Tires
Trail Pro / Turf Buster / Knobby / Turf Tamer / 4-Max / Trail Wolf / At489 / Stryker / Work Mate / Fast Trax / All Trail / All Trail ll / Hd Field Trax / Badlands / Badlands xtr / R-14 / Badlands a/r / All Conditions Tire / A.C.T. XLR


Highway Speed Trailer Tires & Wheels

Utility Trailers, Snowmobile Trailers, Boat Trailers, Stock Trailers, Log Splitters & Campers
Approved for over-the-highway use, these tires comply with U.S. Department of Transportation requirements. Their long-lasting, wrap-around tread provides sure cornering and safe travel.
Radial Trail / Ultra Sport / USA Trail / Sport Trail 8"-12" / Sport Trail 13"-15" / Sure Trail / Sure Trail LT / Extra Grip /

Our Ground Force tires combine extra tread depth and the exclusive CT-4 tread compound to set a new standard of durability and wear in the ground support industry. Each tire features a built-in rim guard for maximum wheel protection.
Ground Force GSE

Material Handling, Mining & Compaction Equipment
Heavy ply construction and increased gauges deliver optimum tire life, while stabilizing features such as a larger tread volume and a wide, flat profile guarantee each of our forklift tires will come in on top.
Note: All Forklift Tires are Non-Highway Service Tires
Industrial Deep Traction / Premium Wide Trac / Road Roller

Skid Steers, Backhoes, Subcompact Tractors, Aerial Work Platform Lifts & Rough Terrain Forklifts
Our Skid Steer tires feature unique lug designs, heavy gauge sidewalls, and premium materials - ensuring optimum service life. Key sizes incorporate built-in rim guard for increased protection against debris and lateral hazards.
Guard Dog / Trac Chief / USA Loader

Front Tractors, Wagons, Balers, Spreaders, Seeders, Irrigation Systems & Feedyard Scrapers
Farm Specialist features high quality Durable Nylon Cord construction and a special tread compound formulated specifically for the agricultural industry’s needs.
F-2 / F-2M / F-3 / HF-1 / I-1 / FI

Utility Trailers, Snowmobile Trailers, Boat Trailers, Log Splitters & Campers
Our extensive offering of styles and finishes fits all popular sizes. These sturdy, reliable wheels are suitable for most trailer applications.
Standard / Eight Spoke / Supreme / Star

Our variety of slow-speed tire and wheel assemblies, non-highway wheels and trailer hubs are the right replacement parts for use with our non-highway tires.
Non-Highway Wheels

Lawn & Garden, Industrial, Trailer / Radial ATV / Radial Passenger / Light Truck / Radial Light Truck / Radial Heavy Truck / Heavy Duty Bios / RV & Wide Base Truck Bias /RV & Wide Base Truck Radial / Low Platform Radial / Mobile Home Bias / OTR Construction / Heavy Duty Industrial Lift, Fork Truck, Mining / Front Farm Bias / Rear Farm Bias / Rear Farm Radial / Farm Implement Bias / Radial Industrial Flaps / Tubeless Valve Stems / Inner Tube Fitment Chart / Radial ATV Tube Fitment Chart / Radial LT Tube Fitment chart / Radial LT Tube Fitment chart (cont.) / Passenger Tube Fitment Chart /

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